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You will start the tour visiting the hanging bridges option consists of a hike on a 1.9 mile (3.1 km) trail on which you can enjoy the rainforests flora and fauna. The trail crosses nine fixed bridges and six suspension bridges and is laid out at a maximum grade of seven degrees so that anyone can walk it. Our next stop is the La Fortuna Waterfall. From the trailhead you will hike approximately 15 minutes before reaching this majestic waterfall where you can swim or just enjoy its beauty. Lunch is next and Lava Rocks Restaurant is the place. Following lunch you’ll have the opportunity to rest until 3 pm before embarking on the volcano hike. We will choose one of several trails depending on which side of the volcano the lava is coming down and on all the trails you will see a wide variety of plants and wildlife. On the Tucanes trail you will have the opportunity to walk on a lava flow and on all the trails at the end of the hike you will watch the sunset, waiting until dark in hopes of seeing and hearing the glowing chunks of lava tumbling down the side of the mountain, a sight you won’t soon forget. As an additional you may have the choice of a relaxing dip in the world-famous Hot Springs followed by a buffet dinner, please make the inquiry to our sales department for the hot springs of your preference, rates will vary according of the hot spring of your choice. Highlights Visit to the marvelous Arenal Hanging Bridges.-Enjoy the beautiful Río Fortuna waterfall. -Best Lunch in town. Visit to La fortuna Town. Walk in the Private Reserve of Lava 1968 to assess the effects of volcanic activity and first lava flow. Relax with natural mineral Tabacón Hot Springs.
Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 7:45am
Duration : 9 hours
Maximum number of people : 20
Venue Facilities : Tour included: • Entrance fees • Water bottle • Naturalist guide • Transportation in an A/C bus
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